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I have never really enjoyed writing and I think that shows in a lot of my writing. I choose to do it anyway for a few reasons. First I think it is important to share what you learn with others, especially on stuff you struggle with because of a lack of materials or a lack of clarity or precision in the materials that do exist. Secondly I think it is a great way to ensure that you understand a subject with more then a passing level of comprehension, I can't tell you how many times I go to write about something and find myself unable to explain something and then I realize I need to research it more.

This is one of the reasons I also decided it would be a good exercise to make some videos showing how to do the retired boxes on sites like it addresses the two important points I made above about making sure you understand the subject matter and sharing knowledge but it also allows me to skate around writing while forcing me to do something I am even less comfortable with, public speaking, I have been doing it for a while now and so the blog has become less utilized. I am going to try to tie the two together now by making small posts about the various videos I make and sharing the videos here. Below you will find a link to the channel which has all of my videos on it.

Stratosphere. A Linux System that had an initial entry through a struts vuln similar to the EquiFax breach.
Celestial. A Linux system with an initial attack vector in the way a cookie was handled in a nodeJS json parser.
Rabbit. A Windows system with all kinds of rabbit holes and some interesting and realistic attack vectors through office document macro exploitation and a bit of social engineering.
Silo. A Windows system that was comprimised via an Oracle database. This one shows how to create a simple reverse shell in c# and as an added trick the whole box is done from a Windows machine running Kali in WSL.
A companion video to the Silo video this video shows how to install Kali linux on Windows Subsystem for Linux
Valentine. A Linux system that is exploited via the OpenSSL bug called heartbleed.
Aragog. A Linux system with an interesting attack vector that exploits an XML external entity attack to gain access to the system.
Nibbles. A Linux system that has a bug in the way an image uploader plugin works that allows us to get RCE by exploiting a lack of constraints on the upload type.
Chatterbox. A Windows system that takes advantage of a buffer overflow in a Windows chat application called AChat. This box also uses a Windows VM to demonstrate a little more how the exploit actually works.
Jeeves. A Windows system that has a misconfigured Jenkins installation which allows us to get RCE on the box.
FluxCapacitor. A Linux system with a RCE bug in a URL parameter. This one was made a little trickier by the presence of a web application firewall on the system which prevented the use of some characters and command sequences. 
Bashed. A Linux system with a fairly basic attack path where a developer had left a php based bash shell on the web server, a little enumeration finds the shell and from there the box is pretty basic.