Many of the tools I write are not for public consumption. It is my intention to make more of the tools public as time goes on. For now you will find a list of the tools that are public and descriptions below.


This tool is a very simple example of how to use steganography to embed a message inside of a cover image. This was written as a simple tool to test out whether or not you could embed a message inside of an image and post it to social media sites like Facebook and Google+ then download and extract the message. At the time it was written both sites did not do anything such as encoding or changing the image format to prevent this as I would have expected, perhaps because they don't want to remove hidden watermarks etc? In any case I never published the article but figured I would share the tool for anyone interested. To be really useable you would want to encrypt the message first and add some features to randomize data placement to make detection and brute-force extraction more difficult. I may post a more advanced tool I wrote in C# that does this at some point.

GitHub Repo - Python - Stego