HackTheBox.eu - 3 Month Update

I was about to start another box on hackthebox.eu this morning but I decided that before I did I should take a second to post an update on how this experiment of sorts has been going. It was 90 days ago today that I found out about this wonderful site and decided to give it a shot.

So after about 12 weekend days and a handful of late nights after work I have now owned user and system on 13 systems and a handful of challenges. Originally I had hoped to have all 20 active machines completed at this time but as usual life and work got in the way, in addition to that after the first few systems I had decided to not just do the challenges but to make instructional videos showing others how I completed them so I could share my process with others which to no surprise has ended up taking up large amounts of my already limited free time. I was inspired by people like IppSec and others who have shared their knowledge via YouTube videos and instructional write-ups. I felt this was important because no matter how experienced you are we are all constantly learning and there are always new tools and techniques that you can learn and that requires that people share their knowledge so the community can learn from each other.

So after 3 months I can say that this site is definitely fun and helps computer security enthusiasts and practitioners practice skills in a very close to real-world environment without the threat of legal troubles. The fact the site is free makes it even more impressive, and if you have the coin I highly recommend their VIP plans which get you access to retired systems and access to less crowded VIP servers. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over there and get started by hacking yourself an invite code!

Below you will find the 3 videos that I have been able to post (I have the other 10 ready and waiting for when the systems retire) I'll also be releasing some of the tools I have written very soon and will make a post about them when they are ready. Check out the videos if you are interested and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Website.

Ben Grewell

Ben Grewell