So why did I switch to Ghost from Wordpress? Well there were a few reasons. The first was the good old-fashioned desire for something new to play with. Another reason was that I wanted to use a platform that wasn't as heavy as Wordpress. Now I don't mean heavy in a bad way it's just that over the years the code base of WordPress has grown large and many of the features it offers are of no value to me. I quickly flirted with making something myself but I came to the realization that the last time I did that it was a enormous time sink and ultimately I spent all my time working on the site's framework and almost none on adding content. So after some quick looks at different solutions I finally settled on one.

Ghost was the winner and the reasons why were that it was a platform just for blogging that doesn't have ambitions to be anything other than a blogging platform. It has good clean design. They have made it easy to extend and tweak via code injections and they have good tools for managing the blog. So there you have it that is why I moved off of WordPress to Ghost.