That's right it has been almost three years since I last started to create an unfinished and underutilized blog. At this point it has almost become a bit of an art, I research the latest in ultra-cool blogging technology, find the one with the most knobs and configurability then get started with setting up the infrastructure and packages needed to turn this dream into a reality. This all sounds like a good amount of fun for people like myself that like to learn new technologies and love to tinker. The problem comes when reality gets in the way and I quickly realize that I don't have the time to keep up with all of the fun stuff that goes along with running an online service like installing the 50,000 patches that seem to come out every month (yes even people who work in computer security hate patching) and inevitably I end up spending all my time doing maintenance and almost no time writing blog entries.

So here I am again, I have decided to move to a new blogging platform and this time I have decided to try to stay focused on the blogging being the interesting activity and not the setup and maintenance of the blogging platform. The initial setup of the site has had a very minor learning curve so far but my hope is that once everything is setup and done I will be able to use the little free time I have lately to write interesting articles and posts instead of spending that time applying patches and tweaking with the latest web application firewalls or wordpress plugins.